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Clinical trials/bioequivalent investigations


Clinical trials are the system study of the medicine by using in man with the purpose of the evaluation of its safety and/or effectiveness and also detection and /or confirmation of its clinical pharmacological pharmacodynamic properties, evaluation of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion and/or interaction of the drugs.

We are ready to offer you a full spectrum of services to support the conduct of Phase I-IV clinical trials and bioequivalent investigations:

  • investigation for evaluation of the possibility of carrying out the project
  • selection and assessment of research centers
  • consulting on statistical methodology and calculation of size of patients’ samples
  • elaboration and expertise of clinical trial protocol
  • obtaining the Regulatory Authorities and Ethical Committees permissions
  • monitoring the data and testing the intermediate data at the clinical center level

Why should you choose us as your business partners for providing services in the field of clinical research organization?

  • Solyurpharm has extensive experience in organizing research process in the following clinical areas:
    • cardiology
    • gastroenterology
    • oncology gynecology
    • neurology
    • infection diseases
    • vaccination investigation
    • immunology
    • psychiatry
    • rheumatology
    • dermatovenereology
    Клинические исследования
  • We offer a full spectrum of services to support the conduct of Phase I-IV clinical trials from protocol design to medical writing of the report.
  • Prolonged and close collaboration with the Regulatory Authorities and the best research centers enables us to conduct clinical trials within the shortest time-frame possible.
  • On the basis of extensive experience and exceptional professional knowledge of our collaborators we are ready to solve the most complicated regulatory issues, as well as to provide a robust of risk management.